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Web Designer

I design and build sites that are visually stunning and technically sound. With the strategic mind of a planner and the heart of a creative, I bring a combination of eye-catching visuals, precision, and big-picture perspective to every website I create. I specialize in Webflow development for marketing sites, partnering with brands across industries.

$20k – $50k

What kinds of projects are you looking for?

My focus is building new marketing websites for companies that are launching for the first time, or have recently undergone a rebrand or refresh. My ideal client comes to me with robust brand guidelines, which I translate into a detailed web design and Webflow build. I am passionate about giving my clients tools to succeed independently, and prioritize building flexible CMS structures that give clients the ability grow and manage their site long-term. When larger changes are needed down the road, I am always available to support.

What makes your work unique?

Efficiency makes my heart sing – I am always looking for opportunities to build websites that make my client’s life easier. That means finding solutions to technical challenges, taking interest in refining the smallest details, and guiding you through the complex journey of launching a new website with ease.

What does your creative process look like?

My process is designed to build things right the first time, while leaving room for last minute changes. I follow a detailed structure that ensures regular progress – moving through sitemaps, static designs, build, testing, and support. We’ll have regular check-ins through the process to ensure clarity in feedback, revisions, and next steps. I often collaborate with other creatives like brand designers, copywriters, and marketing specialists, and work to ensure everyone has the information they need to launch smoothly.

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