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Devran Dogaroglu

Brand Designer

I’m currently a Berlin-based design director and designer working worldwide to create positive change through purpose-driven projects. I’ve worked on building brands with clients and studios including Nike, Apple, Koto, DesignStudio, Buck, Instrument, and Accept & Proceed. I believe that the best design work happens when strategy and craft become an inseparable whole. I work hard to make that rare magic happen.

Brand Identity
$50k – $100k

What kinds of projects are you looking for?

I’m category and style agnostic, and I work with visionary partners of all sizes. Ideal projects for me are purpose-driven to create positive change for our planet, communities, society, and culture. I thrive most in partnerships where we embrace a radical and forward-thinking point of view for challenging the status quo.

What makes your work unique?

Striking a balance between the polar opposites; emotion and utility, strategy and craft, big picture and small detail. Having a wide experience ranging from a design and liberal arts background to working in diverse settings, I picked up the right experience and toolkit to create solutions that flex and adapt.

What does your creative process look like?

I believe in collaborative partnerships that rely on care and transparency. Even though the details are tailor-made for each project, I prefer working through a tried and tested general framework. Together, we start with understanding the context, challenges, and needs in the immersion and research phase. With all the learnings and insights gathered in that initial phase, we start creating the strategic foundation that forms the basis of the visual and verbal brand. Following the definition of the core toolkit and the flexible brand system, we move on to the rollout and activation of the brand in various channels and environments.

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