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Aaron Rolston

Web Designer


I work with coaches and leaders around the world, crafting websites that paint a clear and compelling picture of why their work matters. My approach focuses on creating balance: Shaping online experiences that feel natural, but professional—aesthetic, but effective. With dozens of sites built on Squarespace and over 8 years of experience, I’m equipped to partner with brands, agencies, or consultants at any level. I’m also the co-founder of Stellar! Building out this site in Webflow has been a huge learning experience, and I’m stoked you’re here!

$5k – $10k

What kinds of projects are you looking for?

I’ve found a lot of joy in partnering with agencies and brand-focused studios to build out client projects together. While of course, I enjoy serving my own clients—usually coaches, consultants, and solopreneurs—delivering white-labeled design and development of more comprehensive sites is what I’d love to do more of.

What makes your work unique?

So many Squarespace sites feel bland and lifeless. I aim to push the platform to it’s creative limits, making sites that are genuinely compelling—all while keeping the ease-of-use that makes SQSP a dream for clients to use. The only way for the simple things to really work, is to have extraordinary care for the small details so that they feel effortless. I think that’s my strength: caring about the details.

What does your creative process look like?

For me, communication is paramount: Gaining clarity about the situation, who’s involved, how success is measured, the constraints at play… the act of making websites is easy, it’s the getting to the heart of the project that’s the real challenge. Simply put, my goal is to make creative that perfectly aligns the brand with their market.

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