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Brand Designer

I'm a brand designer with 15 years experience that's focused on designing lasting brands for future-conscious businesses that brighten our world. After working agency side, in-house, and freelance on the side, I've started my own brand design studio. Beyond just visuals, I help founders uncover the confidence and clarity they need to be the leaders in their space. I've worked as a trusted partner with many notable brands including InVision, Nike, and a few others that cannot be named; agencies including Godfrey Dadich, Koto, and Mackey Saturday; and an extensive amount of start ups determined to better our world. I reside in the sunny state of Florida, where you'll find me exploring life through design, surfing, skating, and raising two children with my lovely wife.

Brand Identity
$20k – $50k

What kinds of projects are you looking for?

I partner with founders, marketing leaders, and design teams that value a strategic and story-driven approach on how they appear in the marketplace. Our clients typically operate in future-forward industries that brighten our lives and world. Some of our favorites being climate-focused, biotechnology, healthcare, and anything involving the great outdoors. While I work with companies of all stages, we typically find ourselves collaborating mostly with companies in Seed to Series B, that value quality and collaboration.

What makes your work unique?

With my extensive experience in both agency and in-house roles, I understand how to create effective, usable systems that positively impacts your business. I strive not for awards, but for effective systems that are built for the teams that use them. This approach ensures that what we create together is scalable for your current and future needs of the business. We stay strategically small, allowing us to be nimble, but with the ability to scale but when your needs require it. Our network of expert talent can bring any idea to life with the quality and results expected from a high-end agency while keeping your budget focused on the work, not the agency overhead.

What does your creative process look like?

Part strategy, part creativity. Our collaborative, proven process crafts the brand your customers and culture loves and competition envys. Don't expect us to disappear for six months and reemerge with the Mona Lisa. We work closely with our partners—designing identity systems that are not only distinct and memorable, but designed to work for the teams that actually use them. Our projects usually follow a three phase process—discovery and positioning, brand identity, and brand activation. We work quickly while still ensuring we have enough time to produce quality work that works. We typically work with two clients at a time, allowing us to give you our full attention every step of the way.

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