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Jared Granger

Brand Designer

I design everlasting brand identity systems that create positive impact for ambitious companies. For the past 15 years, I've partnered with founders, marketing teams, and design teams of startups to mid-sized companies to create lasting identities that emotionally connect to their audiences. I provide the quality and thoughtfulness that’s typically found by hiring an expensive, large design firm, and the knowledge and expertise of what makes an identity system flexible and usable for in house teams for a fraction of the cost.

Brand Identity
$20k – $50k

What kinds of projects are you looking for?

We partner with founders, marketing leadership, and in-house teams of purpose-driven companies that value a strategic and story-driven approach on how they sit in the marketplace. We work in many industries and stages, but find ourselves mostly collaborating with tech-enabled companies in Seed to Series A, that value quality and collaboration.

What makes your work unique?

With our extensive experience in both agency and in-house roles, we understand both sides of the coin. Our approach is strategic to ensure, overtime, you'll see results that positively impact your business, while also ensuring we design a system that's usable and scalable for your current and future teams. We stay strategically small, allowing us to be nimble. From one person project teams to scaling our team with focused experts when the project needs demand it, you get the quality and results expected from a high end agency while keeping your dollars focused on the work, not the agency overhead.

What does your creative process look like?

We work collaboratively with our partners. Don't expect us to disappear for six months and reemerge with work that's designed for design sake. Our projects usually follow a three phase process—discovery and positioning, brand identity, and brand activation. We work fast while still ensuring we have enough time to produce quality work that works. This means we're selective about who we spend our time with. We typically work with two clients at a time, allowing us to give you our full attention every step of the way.

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