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“The talent gathered by Stellar is special—independent creatives across disciplines that are at the top of their field. The research and direction that has gone into curating the platform is unmatched.”

Grace Walker
Freelance Web Developer

“Stellar is a fantastic resource for companies and creatives looking for top talent. It’s one of the few resources I trust when sourcing potential collaborators or referring work out. Every creative on the platform is at the top of their game and the ability to search by style, pricing, and industry experience makes it easy to find the right creative.”

Jessica Strelioff
Freelance Designer

“They say necessity is the mother of invention, and in today’s attention economy it can be difficult to find a trusted source of truth for startups and established businesses. Stellar provides a well-curated collection of talent and the list is growing.”

Aaron Poe
Freelance Designer

“As an independent designer, a huge part of my day-to-day involves vetting partners and clients; my collaborators are my coworkers so I want them to be folks who I trust, respect, and also enjoy spending time with! Stellar makes it much easier to find leads that I know understand and appreciate the design process, as well as broadening my network of illustrators and photographers, without having to rely on sending a twitter request into the void.”

Elizabeth Goodspeed
Freelance Designer

“There’s always been a gap between clients and creatives that makes it hard to find each other. Having a curated place to find all of today’s top talent makes it easier to attract great folks from outside my circles. When I get inquiries  Stellar, I know that it’s going to be a good project because the clients value quality above quantity.”

Danielle LaRoy
Freelance Copywriter

“I got a $50,000 branding job within a week of Stellar launching."

—Charlota Blunarova