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Brand Designer

I’m an independent brand designer and creative director. My focus is on crafting brands from the ground up for companies that are looking to have a positive impact on the world. I started my own brand design practice after exploring brand design roles in virtually every seat at the table—in-house, at agencies, and independently as a freelancer working one-on-one with founders. I’ve collaborated with industry leaders like Google and Instagram, rebels like Patagonia and Robinhood, and a wide range of startups that are working to change the world. I'm based in Austin, TX where I spend my days designing, eating breakfast tacos, and spoiling my dog and cat.

Brand Identity
$20k – $50k

What kinds of projects are you looking for?

My focus is working directly with founders and heads of organizations to shape or reshape their brand from the ground up. I have a passion for health, wellness, travel, and consumer tech. I primarily work with Seed - Series B companies that have a good sense of self and are ready to define who they are, who they are speaking to, and what they look like for the long haul.

What makes your work unique?

After working in-house, at agencies, and as an independent brand consultant, I know that a brand is never done. It needs to grow with you, flex to meet new cultural moments and evolve with your company authentically. I don’t just design logos, I build systems that give you the tools to change over time. In addition, my model lets me scale up or down as needed to build custom teams and solutions for each project uniquely.

What does your creative process look like?

I like working closely with my clients as a creative partner and act as an extension of your design, marketing, or brand team during brand projects. I often have shared Slack channels and/or weekly creative syncs and will adjust to your company’s preferred communication style. Most brand projects include three phases—Phase 1: Discovery and Positioning, Phase 2: Brand Identity, and Phase 3: Brand Launch.

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