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I'm an LA based creative director, photographer, and videographer. I work with brands, artists, and agencies, building visual identities that feel emotive, innovative, and intentional. I've worked on projects as an independent artist for the last 8+ years, such as photo and video campaigns, look books, editorial features, and more. I own a creative studio alongside my sister, offering a variety of services within film, fashion, music, and design.

$5k – $10k

What kinds of projects are you looking for?

I love working with people who believe in innovation, and taking creative risks. Over the last few years, I've put more emphasis into combining photography and video, in finding new ways to narrate a story. I'd love to work on campaigns that include both photography and video production, create a series of video shorts, merge both static and motion. In an ideal world, I would build out a creative project starting at creative direction, to production, to envisioning its release and output as a way to maximize the content.

What makes your work unique?

Every aspect of a project is intentional. I'm usually very involved in the creative process, dictating the art direction, styling, and outsourcing talent and crew for productions. I'm able to offer a variety of services and skill sets that would normally require multiple roles because of my background in art direction and design. I approach work from the mindset of an artist, as well as a business owner, leading with strategy and striving for innovation as an artist.

What does your creative process look like?

It can be either hands on or hands off. I can be hired as a photographer, or I can also work on the art direction and production alongside my sister and I's creative studio. Each project starts with a conversation to get to know the brand and the project on a relational level. I usually get ideas from our first initial conversation, and then source inspiration and direction, and find ways to execute the vision within time constraints and budget.

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