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Brand Designer

I work with passionate people bring their visions to life through artistic support or direction. My purpose in life has always been to create beautiful things and I echo this sentiment through a considered and intuitive approach. Using the power of abstraction to strengthen the independence of being, through embracing fluidity. I've had ten years of experience working with client sizes of one to global.

Brand Identity
Fine Arts
$5k – $10k

What kinds of projects are you looking for?

I want a branding or art-forward project led by someone who is very sure in their vision and gives me the space to own the creative arm. My dream project is to work with someone who knows when to step in and to step back and a mutual one where we work side-by-side for the greater needs of the project or client. I want to make something iconic and developed carefully. My favorite fields to work in are in arts and culture, anything with helping others, fashion and beauty, and food and drink.

What makes your work unique?

I feel confident in my use of shapes, color and composition to create work that elicits an emotional response. Working as an abstract artist is about creating work that is a mirror of mood and being. My research and ideation process is well-rounded and always about putting uniqueness first. I'm very passionate about finding the core needs and how to represent those beautifully with a strong outward impression through branding.

What does your creative process look like?

It's important to me to build and uphold the identity and story with strong aesthetic choices with reasoning. I love to know what certain colors mean and what shapes evoke perfectly the personality or goal or a project. I look at all different kinds of sources for my projects, because everything is inspiring.

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