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Brand Designer

I’ve been focused on creating visual identities for the past decade, and truly approach the task with a “for love of the game” attitude. I believe in a context-based strategy, where each project is approached not with style or trend, but a unique answer to the unique set of circumstances - the relevant truth. Working with either international identities or neighborhood cafes, I see the projects in the same way — People who need their best ideas communicated in impactful ways. I take pride in the task of forming trusting relationships with these folks in order to create intelligent, beautiful, and enduring work.

Brand Identity
Fine Arts
$50k – $100k

What kinds of projects are you looking for?

I'm industry agnostic to be honest. But I have personal interest in these fields: Civic, Non-Profit, Cultural, Environmental, Athletic, Hospitality, and Educational. I find the best work is created with the leaders of organizations who are passionate about their purpose. Designing beautiful brands for these important contexts is the kind of work I get excited about.

What makes your work unique?

The client's story. I know it’s a Hallmark™ answer, but I really do pride myself on designing within the context of my client’s project. I don’t have a personal style, but more a personal approach. My work is brand-focused, and built on a foundation of strategy. Which is really just to say getting to know the people I’m working with. What are you trying to build and why? What are your goals, fears, and unique quirks? What’s the purpose driving you? I believe in responsibly understanding the history, context, and needs of a brand before deciding what it should look like. I think that’s how the most unique work is created.

What does your creative process look like?

KICKOFF – Get to know the client and find a comfortable working rhythm. DISCOVERY – Listen intently and creatively research (Love a good field trip). STRATEGY – Establish a strategic plan forward that makes sense to everyone. MESSAGING – Establish what the brand has to say and how best to say it. DESIGN – Design the visual identity system on top of Strategy/Messaging. REFINE – Dial in a focused design direction to create an impactful brand identity system. DEPLOY – Finalize file delivery and celebrate.

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