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Rees Morgan

Brand Designer

I am an award-winning graphic designer who creates conceptual work that embodies beauty. My work is conceptual at its core—my process starts with deep listening and understanding of your desired outcome for the project, and then a dive into visual research, meticulous typography & artful imagery. This original approach to work is consistently in pursuit of a unique and innovative outcome for each project.

Brand Identity
Fine Arts
$10k – $20k

What kinds of projects are you looking for?

I'm looking to work with founders who want to pursue the last legal competitive advantage—creativity. My work helps companies stand out and express their vision to the world. Your brand identity is your first impression to a customer, and my goal is to make that first impression last.

What makes your work unique?

People choose to work with me because I deliver the work of a multi-person team, while saving on costs. My process gets directly to the heart of your business, and delivers industry-changing results. The brands and websites that I build demand attention.

What does your creative process look like?

My process starts with listening. I dive deep into the problem you want to solve, and find a solution that directly meets that need a in new and exciting way.

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