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Motion Designer

I'm a motion designer working to bring a dynamic element to films, brands, websites, and stories

Product Animation
Fine Arts
$10k – $20k

What kinds of projects are you looking for?

Bringing a great idea to life with a trusted team of collaborators is a big reason why I do what I do. People who have a vision, and want others to feel what that vision means to them, are always the best for creating focused, successful, and fulfilling projects.

What makes your work unique?

Being a very curious person, my interests have been quite broad. From research (BFA New Media '16, MFA Documentary Media '19) to software skills, I've been pulled a number of directions. I've realized how well this has served me as a collaborator. Being able to hear someone's biggest ideas and answer with "I think we can make that happen" has lead to some of my most successful projects.

What does your creative process look like?

Once we've had a conversation where I try to soak up as much as I can, I spend a fair amount of time researching, testing, and creating a first version. I always find it better to discuss something that exists on a first round so we can be as yes/no about decisions rather that circling around the point. Once we have a solid version together, I try to keep edits coming as quick as possible. I believe people have good instincts and I want to keep feedback reflexive. I also feel that ambitious deadlines are incredibly helpful to the success of a work; the more efficient we are in finding those small areas that can have a large overall impact, the better a project turns out.

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