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Diego Toda de Oliveira

Web Designer

I help clients around the world create more engaging experiences through design, motion and Webflow. With more than 10 years of frontend and design experience, I specialize in storytelling, using skills like branding, design and motion, to drive the user’s attention to the right places and create more engaging and memorable experiences.

$10k – $20k

What kinds of projects are you looking for?

I'm looking for startup or established companies that are planning a fresh, bold and engaging website experience. Too often businesses create good informational websites but fail to properly communicate the vision of the product or services and make an emotional connection between what they sell and who they are selling for. I can help filling this gap.

What makes your work unique?

I always thought that focusing on just one area was not much fun, so I learned the whole process: planning, building and launching websites. So my unique set of skills - like branding, frontend development, and motion - allow me to know how to make the best of your brand and translate it into a beautiful, well built, and engaging website that will delight visitors.

What does your creative process look like?

I value team work. Which means that I work with the client, not for the client. We will work together from the initial steps - like inspirational moodboards and definition of necessary content via wireframes - to the final steps of the design and development process. Constant communication and feedback is key to a successful project.

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