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Brand Designer

We design thoughtful identities for imaginative clients.

Brand Identity
$20k – $50k

What kinds of projects are you looking for?

I'm looking to work with folks that want to make something a little bit weird. I love working in the outdoors/public space to encourage people to get outside and take in the world around them. I love any project that helps get people moving and it's a bonus if it gets their brain moving as well.

What makes your work unique?

Our studio is a concept driven studio. We don't just make work that looks pretty. We have a concept to nearly everything. We're called Smith & Diction because copy is at the heart of everything we do. So we make sure your design toolkit includes not only design-y things but word-y things as well.

What does your creative process look like?

We try to make our process as collaborative as possible. We start with a casual discovery to chat about the project, getting all your hopes and dreams and likes and dislikes out on the table. After that we move into Moodboards to get on the same page about visuals. Your idea of trendy and my idea of trendy may be two very different things. Moodboards helps us get to the bottom of that without getting any feelings involved. Once we agree on a direction we start developing 2-3 visual identities which includes logos, typography, colors, copywriting, and a few pieces of Brandwork that show your new identity in action and breathe life into the brand. We'll present the brands and then make any edits or changes that are requested. Once everything is feeling great we'll put a nice bow on it and deliver any and all file types you may need to roll out your brand. From there on you can choose to bring us on to roll out your brand on a retainer basis, hire us ad hoc as you need, or go with a completely different designer. The choice is up to you. We just want you to have the toolkit that puts you on the best path forward.

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