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Motion Designer

My name is Riccardo, i'm a 21 years old guy who lives in Milan, Italy, passionate about every aspect of design, from typography to motion, from 2d to 3d. My style is inspired mostly by simple geometry mixed with vibrant colors that combined together create the perfect match. I'm in love with many other different subjects like photography, architecture and astronomy and i usually try to implement them in my projects as well. I've partnered with companies and studios from many different states and with different visions. I'm always glad to join teams by working on dynamic and impactful projects, and i'm curious every day to accept new challenges and learning new things.

Product Animation
$5k – $10k

What kinds of projects are you looking for?

I'm looking to work with companies who have strong values and beliefs and which are mostly looking for modern and dynamic ideas.

What makes your work unique?

The perfect combination between creating ideas, designing, and make them move. I can provide a wide range of opportunities for your projects: from sketch to the final result.

What does your creative process look like?

I'm used to have an introduction call with every new client who reachs me. It's important to have a clear idea and understand the requests before starting every new project, so communication is a must. After that, if our visions connects, my process will involve in sending you daily previews to keep clients updated on how the project is going. Consistency is the perfect key to reach the result desired, and i'm always open to feedbacks and changes whenever requested during the work time.

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