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I’m a freelance Strategy and Copy Director from London, currently living in Berlin. I’ve worked with agencies such as Koto, DesignStudio, Studio Output, Anyways and Moving Brands, as well as directly with clients and founders to craft brand strategies, verbal identities and names for brands with an appetite for creativity. I’ve worked for various clients including: Airbnb, Depop, BackMarket, Shpock, Rapha, Ecosia, Sony, BBC and Manchester City FC.

Brand Voice
Food + Drink
$10k – $20k

What kinds of projects are you looking for?

I’m sector agnostic. Whether it’s a household name that leads the category or a startup looking to shake theirs up, the thing I look for is people who stand for something, those who are up for sharing their message with the world in a creative, forward-thinking way.

What makes your work unique?

My experience as Strategy and Copy Director leading teams at Koto and DesignStudio means I can bring a strategic mindset to my copywriting, and a copy flair to my strategic work. I work with clients to find a unique point of view and spirit, defining brand strategies, verbal identities, messages and names that express everything the brand needs to communicate in a way that is consistent yet compelling.

What does your creative process look like?

I believe that getting under the skin of a brand is a crucial first step in understanding it, its world and needs. From there it’s about close collaboration to form the brand’s strategy and personality before bringing it to life in copy, whether that’s headlines, campaigns, websites, brand films or more. To make sure teams can follow the new verbal direction I then articulate tone of voice guidelines which contain clear tonal guidance, dos and don’ts and example messaging.

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