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Mircea Mocanu

Brand Designer

I collaborate with open-minded clients and creatives. My goal is to give meaning through design. Views are formed together—agencies, brands, founders—and great work serves others.

Brand Identity
Food + Drink
Fine Arts
$10k – $20k

What kinds of projects are you looking for?

Defining a brand from scratch or refreshing its language is always exciting. I love to design its best aspects and fit it in the market. Using a blend of tools—a deep research and flexible mind—I help make design stand out.

What makes your work unique?

I love to get the essence, play with expression, research and explore. Working with indie brands to make a pitch deck or planning a tool kit for a global brand are equally interesting. As a multi-disciplinary creative, I love to use a broad array of tools: design, art direction, motion graphics, video editing and code. This give me flexibility to solve different challenges.

What does your creative process look like?

In my process, I listen, learn and communicate, strategise and propose directions, iterate and refine, lead projects to launch. Be it social media assets, web components, motion-graphic pieces, illustrations, production briefs, I add layers to brands that speak in a fun way.

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