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Justin LaBaw-Rivers

Product Designer

Based in Los Angeles, I've had the pleasure of designing digital products for some of today's leading brands including Google, NTWRK, Dosist, Pluto TV & others. I transform ideas into identities and create beautiful and simple ways to interact with the world.

Mobile Apps
$20k – $50k

What kinds of projects are you looking for?

I find purpose in working with founders and leaders of companies who are as passionate as I am about building meaningful digital products that can help shape a better world.

What makes your work unique?

Adaptability. Each project, big or small, comes with it's own set of unique challenges that require a level of thinking beyond just design. My work is rooted in empathy, and every digital experience I design has an intent for whomever is using it. I wear multiple hats with most of my clients - from strategy, brand & identity design, to web/app design. I find one of my biggest strengths is being able to adapt to any challenge during product development.

What does your creative process look like?

My creative process begins with gaining a clear understanding of the problem I'm solving for. Once defined, I outline constraints and work with client on defining what success looks like at the end of the project. My goal is to setup a collaborative environment right from the onset - giving my clients added confidence early on is vital in running a successful and smooth project.

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