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Brand Designer

I'm a Norwegian designer-developer focusing on identities, computational design, and frontend tech. Having helped clients like Apple, Microsoft, Bygdepride, and the Red Cross with everything from frontend, to branding, to editorial work, I've learned that I provide the most value when I'm able to take a holistic approach – partaking from ideation to end result. For me, being multidisciplinary, it all boils down to an interest in language. Spoken, written, digital, coded, visual.

Brand Identity
Fine Arts
$20k – $50k

What kinds of projects are you looking for?

I prefer to work with people who want to do things a bit differently – not worrying about fitting in, but about making real impact through well-directed, focused solutions. More specifically, I'm looking to work on identity and web projects with bold, brutal and effective solutions. Lightweight dynamic websites with playful, computational aspects to them. Cheesy mantra: let's not *aim* to get tons of awards – let's get tons of awards exactly because we didn't.

What makes your work unique?

My holistic approach and attention to detail – everything has an important, tangible impact – and versatility. Being a designer-developer allows me to bring a sharp design eye to development and a sharp technical eye to design.

What does your creative process look like?

Starting off, I want to clearly understand the purpose and goal of the project. This enables me to build a clear-cut, shared strategy with the client before moving into developing language, visuals, web, and other applications of said strategy.

Interested in working together?

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