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Diane Villadsen



I specialize in creating compelling, colorful visuals of people, products, and services. As a photographer, my approach to every production is hands-on, with careful attention to all creative elements such as set design and wardrobe. Surreal and playful, my work has been described as: Candyland meets the California Dream.

Fine Arts
Food + Drink
$10k – $20k

What kinds of projects are you looking for?

I'm looking to work with brands that need eye-catching imagery and a creative partner to bring them to life. My dream project is anything that involves world-building, whether that's set design or a real location with sculptural props. I'm interested in working with industries marketing to all ages: seniors and kids are some of my favorite subject matter. I would love more work in fashion, healthcare, and tech.

What makes your work unique?

Over the years I've crafted a unique aesthetic for my photography: one that merges storytelling with eye candy. Let's take your concept and turn it into a piece of art! Beyond my creative instincts, I prioritize clear communication, safe & efficient production, and projects that align with social causes.

What does your creative process look like?

Art direction and styling is a huge part of my process. Whether that's rolling with an existing creative direction, or developing all the elements from scratch, it's important to spend time curating our vision. I like to have a shotlist while also leaving room for spontaneous inspiration on shoot day. My tendency is to dream big, but I understand there are always limits to a budget. My goal is for both of us to get the most bang for our buck in terms of deliverables and creative satisfaction.

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